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Our mission is to raise funds to assist with the costs of supplies and repairs to rescue groups, shelters and wildlife rehabilitates that are dedicated to helping injured, abused or abandoned animals. We also have developed an educational program designed for old and young alike on the responsibilities of pet ownership, including the need to spay and neuter to prevent overpopulation of unwanted animals. We have local veterinarians who offer free or low cost spay and neuter thru H.E.L.P. Animals, Inc. at a reduced fee to the pet owner.

Once a month we host a low cost pet shot clinic to provide affordable vaccinations for anyone who wishes to avail themselves of the service. Another function in our organization is our work with Service Dogs. We assist with medical expenses if the dog is injured or becomes ill. Often these expenses are a hardship for the owners.  We also offer free rabies vaccinations for these animals.

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Low-Cost Shots

We are associated with a licensed veterinarian that volunteers his/her time to administer the necessary vaccinations for our pets. These vaccines are provided at an affordable price for anyone attending our clinics.


We do not sell products and encourage everyone to maintain a relationship with a veterinarian for day to day care of their pets or in the event of an emergency.

Service Dogs

A separate bank account has been established with donations made to our group. When a Service Animal becomes ill or is in need of emergency treatment or surgery and this cost is a hardship for the individual, we step in with whatever financial assistance we have available to provide the needed care.


We have local veterinarians who will work with us on the cost of the services provided and we pay them directly in accordance with the agreement we have established with them.

Spay & Neuter

We have local veterinarians, who provide a spay or neuter at a considerably lower cost, for those in need of the service thru H.E.L.P. Animals, Inc. You discuss the arrangements when you attend our clinics. You will need proof of vaccinations to take advantage of this opportunity.

Oxygen Masks

H.E.L.P. Animals, Inc. has provided masks to the first response vehicles in Volusia County Fire Services and K-9 Officers, free of charge. These masks are used to treat any animal involved in a fire and suffering with smoke inhalation.


The masks are also available for purchase to anyone wanting to donate them to their local fire station, wildlife rehabilitator or other 501(c)3 organizations for donation, wherever they are. We sell them for exactly what we pay for them plus a $7.00 handling fee to offset our clerical expenses and the cost of shipping is passed on to the consumer.



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